SB Touch + KDFC Classical - 23/44.1kHz ? - Is that even possible?

Hi folks. 

Just got a new Mytek Brooklyn DAC which reports the bit and sample rate. Most of my stations come in at something reasonable, 16 or 24 bits, 44.1kHz or 96kHz, etc. I'm risking life and limb right now to listen as a crane is moving over my dinky apartment and could crush us all.  I'll have to leave in moments.

However, KDFC classical, via the AAC stream is reported as 23 bits. No, it's not actually 32 and my dyslexia. It's really 23!

That's pretty wonky, right? I was wondering if any of you fine folks who have a way of telling could go and tell me what you get.

I wonder if this is some odd misbehavior of the Squeezebox Touch or something. This is  one frustration I have with digital, some problems may occur and you never know, like ground loops, bit truncation, poor upsampling, etc. It's maddening.