SB Acoustics 12” SB34NRXL75-8


I have bought pair of 12” SB34NRXL75-8 1 year ago, I made a custom cabinet for them and crossover. However, I have tried the best result was not very satisfying. I wonder, if anyone can give me any advice for cabinet (material-dimension), and also what kind of crossover should I have to use on it if you have any scheme I will be appreciated. I will use them in HiFi system, in range of lowest Hz to 120 Hz.

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You don't mention anything about a midrange or tweeter, without which, there's no need of a crossover and an unsatisfying result would be a given .   Any advise, regarding cabinet sizes,  compatible components and crossovers, can be gotten from the guys at Madisound(they stock that 12").   It seems a waste, using a 12" only for freqs above 120Hz, but......
Make that, "Any ADVICE..."(typo).

First thank you very much for your fast response ! I wrote down all the specs of my system. My intention to use SB Woofers is have a passive bass in my system due to lack of bass in Peak Consult Grande.

Pre Amp* - Audio Research Ref 5 >> Power Amp - Audio Research Ref 210 x 2 >> Speakers - Peak Consult Grande

Pre Amp* - Audio Research Ref 5 >> Subwoofer Power Amp - VTM 200 x 2 >> SB Acoustics 12’’ x 2 (passive bass)

*Same Pre Amp feeds the PowerAmps.
Those are pretty big speakers you're running now if they aren't giving you the bass you're looking for have you messed around with positioning? Looks like they are rated down to 23hz and look like they have the volume to get that low in room.
Please, forgive my lack of comprehension(Oldtimer's Disease strikes again).
#rodman99999: not a problem at all, actually I had to mention the system info.
#jond: the listening room is 180m2, I tried many different positions and I positioned them to complete to 2 corners of a triangle, 3.corner(peak) is listening point. Room is my office sametime, usually I listen classical music 24bit records, or some SACD. I really like to have some deep and low bass. Therefore, I will try to build a custom cabinet for SB Woofers.

*Also, do you have any idea what kind of wood has to be used.
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