Say it aint so--- Teres quality question

As a preface-- I have been a lurker here at Audiogon for a number of years, but have never posted.

Yesterday a review of the Teres 200 series table was posted at Audioasylum. I am extremely concerned about what was stated.

I have always read fantastic things about the Teres, but this reviewer seemed to consider some issues with regard to quality-- ie:

"Some minor issues...the wood platter is not 100% true on the horizontal surfaces...a very slight rise...I suspect this is the nature of machining wood?" as well as "Product Weakness: Platter slightly off true"

I plan on joining the Teres family -- but have developed some reluctance after reading this.

Perhaps some of the members here with first hand experience will be able to put my concern at ease with regard to the reviewers statement.

Here is a reference to the post:

Review by Angus Black III on January 06, 2004 at 10:35:32

Thank you, and a special thanks to TWL for the always informative reading.


Guys, this is what it's all about. Honest conversation, concern & community.
Lurking through this thread, any analog enthusiast is bound to pick up some knowledge, I sure did.

As one happy to survive 8th grade Woodshop with a "B", and no interest in becoming a woodworking audiophile, the relative tolerances and expectations re: woodworking and vs. machining makes for some interesting reading. Not sure if the final result is more or less interest in owning any DIY-ish gear(Teres or other), but feeling more informed about it now.

As for the potential integrity issue, I'm pretty confident that this thread goes on to attest to the knowledge and sense of community of the posters that make the analog board the best part of Audiogon. Thanks!
Spencer aka sbank
A thank you to Chris for taking the time to show the level of customer support one can expect from Teres.

This cements my decision regarding my up and coming turntable purchase.

Customer service, honesty, support, and satisfaction are all key elements in any business (often times lacking in so many areas of our lives today.)

Chris' candid response and genuine involvement exhibit all of the above attributes in such a positive light that perhaps this will stand as a model for other manufacturers to follow.

Thank You!

I call BS Teres!

many other machines can do a job as well as a CNC machine, don't blame the equipment, look at the material! QC is QC either it is on or not...

good product but there are limitations to the medium

state the facts don't skate

Me thinks thou doest protest too much.

Consider yourself flammed as that seems to be all you are looking for.
I don't share the concerns about humidity migrating into and out of the wooden pieces. Every one of the finished pieces is finished with an epoxy resin. That's a pretty substantial barrier. Besides, violins, guitars, cellos and other much more delicate wooden items have survived the test of time. These turntables will not experience the forces of a speaker cabinet and they are made out of much less substantial materials. Father time will be the ultimate judge on this issue and this thread will be long gone before the results are in.