Say Hello to the Newb

Hi All,

I'm not too sure how many new hi-fi enthusiasts peruse Audiogon, but I am one. My uncle introduced me to this exciting hobby and suggested visiting this site to further my knowledge of components and tweaks. I've been enjoying music all over again with my "beginner audiophile" 2-channel setup, and am excited to experiment with bigger and better things as time goes on.

If there are any other newbies around, I started a blog to share my experiences and the sometimes-funny lessons I'm learning from my audiophile uncle. Check it out if you have a chance. I'm hoping to pick up some readers in the same stage as me to have discussions with, as well as some veterans that can share their insight.

I look forward to learning more from this site and hopefully having some great discussions with the members here.
Well-done, Derrick.
Welcome, and I wish I had an uncle to blame for my audio nervosa. :-)

All the best,
Hi Newb. I like your system. When I started out for the second time, I bought a NAD C317 with a NAD CDP and B&W DM602's and that system really sounded amazing. I still think about it and all the good times I had with it. I was young and extremely hard on that system, clipping it several times from extreme volume. Lucky for what's left of my hearing, my wife forbids those volume levels.

Enjoy yourself and try not to make changes to your system too often. It's a waste of time and money. Luckily you have your uncle to help guide you.
Thanks for the welcomes!

@Donjr, I've heard a bit of the B&W 602 in my uncle's listening room. He picked up a pair earlier in the year, and despite being his "cheapest" speakers, they're still up and running. I must say, they perform very well regardless of the genre of music.

I don't think I'll be changing my speakers or amp any time soon because of space constraints, but when I get into separates, I very luckily have access to a pretty big collection of hi-end gear to experiment with and find the sound I'm looking for.