Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about it, but it came up again last night as I was listening to Quintessence volume 2, Stan Getz and Chet Baker recorded live. (an amazing disc) I have to say that for myself, I prefer the saxophone because it seems capable of infinite textures and subtle shadings as well as eye opening dynamic shifts. Of course I love the trumpet too; especially in the hands of a player like Chet Baker.

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The trumpet will be easier on the wallet, but the sax is easier to pick up and play.
Agreed.  However... either requires a good set of lungs... especially in the lower octaves.
I fall in line with Frogman in that one instrument isn’t "easier" to play or master than another. Watching the above video displayed 5 truly superb musicians who’ve mastered their respective instrument, is it more difficult to play the drum kit to the level of Tony Williams or acoustic bass like Ron Carter? Herbie Hancock’s piano or Henderson’s tenor saxophone?

I believe it’s analogous to athletic talent in that people have very specific skill sets.Could Freddie Hubbard have been a great saxophonist or Henderson a great drummer? Tiger Woods beats Michael Jordan all day and any time on a golf course. Jordan over Tiger on the basketball court. Usain Bolt handles both of them with ease on the track. Some people were just born to be extraordinarily special at a specific task. Consider different skill sets on the same instrument. Theloneus Monk vs Oscar Peterson, both of them iconic jazz pianists  yet so different.

Much love for

Ben Webster
Charlie Parker
Gene Ammons