Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about it, but it came up again last night as I was listening to Quintessence volume 2, Stan Getz and Chet Baker recorded live. (an amazing disc) I have to say that for myself, I prefer the saxophone because it seems capable of infinite textures and subtle shadings as well as eye opening dynamic shifts. Of course I love the trumpet too; especially in the hands of a player like Chet Baker.

"Saxophones can do this, too--but due to the reed/tongue/embrochure interface (more complex physically than the mouthpiece/mouth interface of the trumpet), it's somewhat harder for saxes to exactly produce & follow very fast, repetitive rhythmic figures."

It may be harder, but this statement seems wrong.  I own so many recordings of blistering sax sections (especially within the Latin Jazz/Salsa genre, my absolute favorite!) keeping up with and augmenting the trumpet sections.  I imagine most of us do.  Perhaps I misunderstood it, because as it reads, it's practically nonsensical!  

Sax or Trumpet

Unless your systems can reproduce the subtle reed vibrations of the SAX or the hard Brassy ring of the Trumpet to your ears from your system.

"Then you haven’t got the RIGHT gear." according to Michael Fremer of Sterophile Mag and Audio Planet.

So There all!!

p.s. I play both for 30++ years.

Chazro is correct re the saxophone/trumpet “speed” issue.  The comment about the mouthpiece/reed interface is only partly correct. However, talk to a trumpet player, particularly one who usually plays high section parts, and the stories about “chop problems” due to the incredible amount of stress that playing the trumpet in that range (and any range) puts on the face and lip muscles, not to mention the stress on the physical breathing apparatus due to all the resistance/back pressure will be endless. Additionally, all this has little to do with the mechanics of playing fast. The saxophone lends itself much more to fast playing for various reasons.

From a historical perspective, the choice of trumpet for the “Latin sound” goes back centuries and all the way back to Spain, Mexico and then the Caribbean. The saxophone is a relatively recent American creation and a sound that is not in the genetic fiber of Latin Music which came to it much more recently (for obvious reasons). Re the “speed” issue, it is very commonly used in the Dominican “Merengue” style playing precisely “very fast, repetitive rhythmic figures."