Sax, piano, guitar recommendations

I realize many of you are into classical, jazz, rock, etc, but I could listen to instrumental sax, guitar, and piano non stop. I have the common Kenny G, Jim Brickman, Chris Botti stuff. Also love the Clapton/BB King CD. Any recommendations of music that might fit either of these genres? Great voices or instruments- but not classical, opera, or traditional jazz. When in a rental I listen to watercolors. Thanks in advance. 
While I have a number of Kenny G albums I still like playing a track or two every now and then. Wife was the fan until I was talked into going in to the Blue Note (NYC) where he used to be there every year right before the holidays (Now Chris Botti). Caught him several times there and always enjoyed the show. SJ, absolutely, but sometimes it is just what the doctor need to analyze, just kick back and enjoy...a glass of vino helps..  

Dave Brubeck Quartet---Take Five
Eva Cassidy---Live At Blues Alley
      my favorite vocalist  (her group is also awesome)
Michael Franks---Time Together
Gregory Porter---Be Good
Eric Clapton--Unplugged

All are very fine sounding albums also.  Eva and Gregory are 2 multi winning Grammy winners that actually deserved it for vocalists.