Saw the Gregg Allman band last night.

As you may have already imagined, they did put on a great show. He had Bruce Katz on keys, and a great horn player by the name of Jay Collins. The whole band was very impressive. They played a nice tight show. Saw them at the Egg in Albany.
If they are in your area, and you are a fan, check them out.
I have enjoyed the Allman Bros a few times last decade, but
it was nice to hear Gregg's voice showcased in a more intimate setting.
Yes, I've seen him and his band a few times as well. I always liked his solo albums better than most Allman's albums. Used to see him at his annual New Year's Eve show at the Roxy in Atlanta. I heard he stopped doing that show but I moved away from Atl about 5 years ago. Is Dan Toler playing with him now? Last time I saw him and its probably been 10 years ago, he had Dan and Jeff Carlisi on guitar. Through a fluke of sorts my wife and I had our pick of any pair of seats in the place.
They have been a favorite of mine forever. I have seen him twice. Unfortunately, the night I saw him with ABB he appeared to be sick or something and Dickey Betts had to carry the show - it just wasn't the same and I was very disappointed. I later saw Gregg Allman and Friends in a really nice old smaller venue with and he was absolutely terrific. I am very glad to hear they are still sounding good. Thanks for the heads up, if they get near Michigan I will try to catch them.
what`s a good Greg Allman album?
Alpass "Laidback" is a must have!
just ordered it
My favorite is "I'm No Angel". Great title track and solid album. It was released on vinyl which sounds quite good.

I know that this is not a Greg Allman Band's post, but one of my favorite recordings of 2009 is from the Bros. website Hittin the Note. It is live from a several week stint at the Beacon Theater in New York honoring The anniversary of Duane's death. I got the Mar. 19th recording featuring Eric Clapton sitting in with the Bros. You have to love Clapton and Derek Trucks playing "Layla."
Laid Back is good of course but from 1973 I belive. I'm no Angel is classic Greg. Personally I like Just Before the Bullets Fly best. It's a tad over-produced (80's style) but the songwriting is strong and Dan's guitar work is fabulous. That album is one of those rare not-a-bsd-track on it ones you run across every several years.
I was also at the show at the Egg in Albany, and I totally agree with was a wonderful concert. I first saw the Allman Brothers Band in 1971 at the Philadelphia Spectrum, while Duane was still playing guitar. It was practically the exact same show as the famed "Live at Filmore East" concert, and I've been a tremendous fan of Gregg and the boys ever since. It was a real treat to hear him sing on Sunday night.
Speaking of Fillmore, go to youtube and watch three videos of Dreams 1) Fillmore era (PBS special) with Duane 2) later 70s version with Dickey playing lead and 3) recent version with Derek. I'd be interested in hearing comments on the differences.

I like them in order listed. Duane surely played with the most soul. Then Dickey's version played in his own inimitable style (bending the strings, etc.) Lastly Derek's pyrotechnics.
Adam 18 : "It was a real treat to hear him sing on Sunday night." It sure was ! I have not heard any of his solo albums, so maybe I will check out one of the ones mentioned. I do love the ABB: Idlewild South album though.
Wireless 200: It was definitely not either of the Carlisi's on guitar. It was a young guy from the Bronx. No Dwayne or Dickey, but very good. FYI- his name is Scott Sharrard.