Saw My Morning Jacket a few nights ago

This band has received huge praise in the music press. This concert far exceeded all the hype I've read about
them. Great spacey jams that built to incredible peaks.
If you get a chance catch a passionate, creative band that
has not really reached maturity yet. Unlike (you know who I'm talking about) groups trying to pretend they're 21 again.
ive been wanting to hear a Sound board from a mmj show. I only see audience recordngs, which i not a fan of
Yeah, that's the thing.. MMJ sound great live. OTOH, their recordings, while they have their moments, are not anywhere near the live experience.
Any opinions on the quality of their live album Okonos? Though I have not heard their latest studio album, IMO "Its Still Lives" is great & has a pleasing trippy psychelia missing from their subsequent work.
"Okonokos" exemplifies the MMJ live experience. You should definitely give it a listen.
I've seen them twice and enjoyed both shows immensely. I think Jim James' voice was giving him problems the night they recorded Okonokos, although I still love it. Their releases since "It Still Moves" have been different, but again, I find them worth listening to. Little pointer, if you haven't heard the "At Dawn" album, find a way to download "The Way that He Sings," it's probably my favorite song by them.
I believe they're on Austin City Limits thie weekend.
agreed. incredible band no one knows about. they'll be w/ us for a long time...great to have great new jam bands eh?
FYI everyone: Okonokos is a terrific live recording (sonics are A+). the music: you either get, or dont.
agreed. incredible band no one knows about. they'll be w/ us for a long time...great to have great new jam bands eh?


No one knows about MMJ?

No. Audiophiles MAY not know about MMJ.
But that hardly constitutes everyone.

Then again, if you surveyed everyone at a MMJ show if they knew Wilson speakers you'd probably end up with NEARLY 0 people.
YMMW, but recognizing MMJ before audiophile approved gear is nearly a certainty.

BTW, At Dawn is a must listen as cited above.
Go ahead and get the Okonokos concert DVD. Of the 30 or so concert DVD's I own, the sound and visuals on this disc are top notch. The video for run through captures the live chaos of the last half of that song. I have seen MMJ probably 5 times in widely varying settings - small club show, large club show, twice at Coachella outdoors in the desert - always consistently excellent.
Okonokos is the first lp vinyl I got from MMJ

I have the albums on cd. Any titles that are far superior on vinyl?