Saw Jackson Browne Tuesday Night

Excellent show; highly recommended. He played a lot of his new stuff from Time the Conqueror. It's always *extremely* difficult to evaluate stuff played live for the first time, partly because it's hard to hear all the words. Nevertheless, I liked what I heard. He put on a good show; and he looked 25 again ! (the beard's gone)
thanks for the report. he is quite a talented person.

I have seen Jackson perform five times ranging from the Running on Empty tour to the I'm Alive tour and saw two brilliant concerts and two or three good performances. It sounds like you saw a great performance.

Was he solo or with his band?


He was with his band, which including two female back-up singers. I'd highly recommend seeing him if you can.
Did he get political?
I guess it depends upon what you mean. I don't consider music about people who are suffering to be political.
David Lindley still playing guitar for him?
No...Mark Goldenberg. He's using essentially the same band as he used live for I'm Alive, minus Scott Thurston, plus two female singers, not one.

The record is being released today (Dave Holland's new "Pass It On" too, if you're a jazz fan).
I received Time the Conqueror on Saturday. So far - two somewhat casual listens - I like it a lot.
I did see him once back in the mid 1990's here in NJ and the place was jam packed to the rafters. Fantastic. My wife and I have been fans since the 1970's. I love his new Solo Acoustic Live CD. Haven't heard of this new one yet but will take a listen. Thanks. My only wish is that these venerable classic rock performers keep politics out of their music. Keep it about love and celebration. We're bombarded with poltics in the news all day long. Enough already.
I agree that we are bombarded with politics a lot - and I dislike it a lot. Most of Jackson's "political" songs are about the sadness of things that are done by governments; and about the plight of people who are suffering, however. I think, ultimately, they are actually about love, as hopefully they raise the consciousness of at least some peoople. Just my opinion. I think of politics as being democrats and republicans arguing about who is right and who is wrong; and putting each other down in order to make their point. Peace to you, Pdn.

By the way, there are two solo acoustic records, just in case you are not aware of that. If you have a chance to see him solo, I highly recommend it.