Saw Brian Ferry Last Night!

Great Show! So if he comes your way and you like classics like Avelon go see him. Great musicians and he sings as well if not better than ever. Maybe he doesn't bow as deeply. Also the Opera House in Boston has turned into a great venue. Sound quality is excellent. You even get an image, sort of an image.
I saw Roxy Music's final performance of their final tour in 1983 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia.
They wouldn't tour again until their reunion in 2001.

That show was one of the greatest experiences in my long history of seeing live music.

Brilliant performer. Saw the Beacon show NYC 2016 and Chastain Park ATL 1988. When the large woman hit the Avalon big notes it was chill bump city.
Excellent! I have tickets here in San Diego on the 27th, can't wait! Flesh and blood was a greatly produced album with great sound 
Unfortunately Atlanta is as far South as he is venturing so no go for us guys this time around.

Straight to the heart.  That's where Bryan Ferry's voice goes.
Good on you for seeing him live.
Glad to know he's still out there.