Satori shotgun vs. Hologram II biwire

Hi All

I want a biwired cable to hook up between my Bel Canto amp and my Herion i speakers. Both cables are biwired. I think my speakes are 2 1/2 way speakers, but don't quote me on that. The Satori shotguns have 2 dedicated lines running from the amp to the speakers. In essence they are biwired at the amp end. The Hologram II's have a single run of wire to the speakers, and then are biwired at the speaker end. My question is this. Since both cables are biwired, what is the difference between being biwired at the amp end vs. being biwired at the speaker end? Do 2 runs of cable make a sonic difference over 1 run of cable? How do I know if my speaker is a 2, 2 1/2, or 3 way speaker? I have 2-7" drivers, 1 midrange, and 1 tweeter?

Regards Tim
You need the get the current from your amp to the terminals on your speakers. If you've got two sets of terminals on each speaker, then you need to get current to both sets. If you have one channel of amplification for each speaker, then it doesn't matter how many wires you hook to your amp, you're going to get the same signal. So, you only need one set of connectors at the amplifier end. Now, you can either connect them to one set of terminals on your speaker and then bridge the two sets of terminals on your speakers with "jumpers" or you can buy "shot-gun bi-wire" cables that split into four connectors at the speaker end. There is very little sonic benefit in connecting the amplifier output to four speaker terminals instead of connecting it to two and then using jumpers. Just depends on whether you want to spend the money for the bi-wire version of the cables you are considering -- and how much more it is compared to the cost of a single run plus jumpers.