Sato Musen - Zanden cartridge

Would like to have some information about a cartridge of the 80's from "Sato Musen", model "Zanden" from japan. I've read somewhere that it has sapphire cantilever but couldnt find more. thanks
Dear Jorsan: Do you want to buy that cartridge? if yes I wonder why that specific cartridge when exist thousands of alternatives.

Could you share with us what moves you to ask?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Hi Raul,
That cartridge comes with a MS BL-91 turntable that I recently bought. I couldnt find information about it in the web, and this is why Im asking. I currently have a clearaudio virtuoso wood. thanks
no information at all about this cart?
Dear Jorge: Through the email I received you writed Zen cartridge and this is different from Zanden.

If what you want is information for Zenn cartridges here it is:¬es=&prlo=&prhi=#thumb

Regards and enjoy the music,
you are right, I made a mistake with the model, the correct one (as you mentioned) is ZEN.
thanks for the link also.