Satellites or full range?

I always wanted to know if a good quality satellites and a subwoofer can be compared with a full range speakers in terms of sound quality at high volume levels. Im not talking about any particular system just the concept: can I get the same level of satisfaction?. Thanks in advance.
Depends on the speakers and what would satisfy you......but I would say NO! Full range is full range plus it is very difficult to integrate satellites with sub to bland seamlessly.(only my opinion)
It depends on the size of your room and the quality of the monitors and sub used and finally the music you listen to. I sold my MAXX and downsized to the Caravelle monitors and a Velodyne sub and was amazed at how great it sounded on everything except big band and large classical pieces. I eventually went back to a larger, full range speaker. I have a friend who has the Caravelle and sub set up in a much smaller room and you would think you were listening to Alexandria's! It is amazing what a good monitor and sub can do in a very small space. Good luck. Bring them home and try it first before buying.
Thanks for the comments.
Hifimaniac, Sorry but . . . what is missing in big bands or orchestra when you compare caravelles with a sub to Maxxs? is there something in the upper bass that is not there or maybe lower midrange? with sat plus sub, you must have the bass and the upper notes so the problem must be in between right?
It depends on so much, however, since very large speakers are designed to play loud then you have a better chance of success with a large box full range speaker. Generally you are looking at three way or a compression horn. Many or most small two way speakers will compress at even modest SPL levels, as they are designed more with domestic bliss in mind than playing loud dynamically (manufacturers will not put a high output tweeter in a small box - so often even the tweeter will compress).

Look for fat boxy speakers with a minimum of 8" woofers. Remember that efficiency is proportional to volume....the bigger the speaker volume then the more likely the bass will play loud without compression. Multiple drivers generally add to the load complexity - so it is probably better to get one very large high quality woofer type design in a large box volume than an array.
Possibility with the sub/sat is high. Often with full range, the best placement for midrange and up is not the best for bass and vice versa. In a comparison, the best chances for the sub/sat to win would be a lower x/o point and blending the phase where they hand off at that point.
Yes, I felt the sub got the low notes well, but it seemed to lack the mid bass warmth. When the bass can be handled by a couple 10 inch woofers and maybe a 12, the detail and ability to hear the full range is better. However, my friend's smaller room with the walls closer to the monitors helped the midbass warmth. I hope I explained that well.
Yes, clear now Hifimaniac. Thanks to all for the responses. Now I know the way to go.
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I have to agree with Bob. By having the ability to place the subwoofer separate from the mid/hi you can maximize the subwoofer interaction with the room. It also allows you to move the mid/hi into the room and away from walls, thus providing you with a more solid "image" and, perhaps, a deeper soundstage.

When everything is in one cabinet, you lose this cpability. Plus, you have to deal with the woofer's vibrations and it's effect upon the [erformance of the other drivers...