Satellite Radio at Home

Has anybody tried running one of the satellite radio receivers through a quality home stereo system? I know Delphi makes an XM receiver for the home with standard RCA outs. I assume these digital signals are compressed somehow, so I'm not optimistic about the quality. But I'm curious whether anybody has tried it.
Got it (Delphi), like it. Here's why.

Variety, 4 jazz channels, 3 classical, 1 new age (better than that implies), oldies-'40's, and LOTS of other stuff. It reads out what you're listening to. They have interviews with artists that don't seem to be widely available. They preview new albums and play special live tapes also not available from regular sources.

Sound quality is O.K....jazz sounds good, classical not so good. Yes, there is, in their words (I asked) "level management" and let's face it, the medium is aimed at cars (high background noise). At it's best it sounds like a good MP3 on my home system. But that's good enough for my purposes...preview albums, special programs, etc. Best $10 a month I've spent in a real long time.
Yeah, I tried it too. I have the Sony car/home receiver. Sound quality is OK, also reminded me of MP3.
I often play the audio-only channels from my Satellite system. Comes with the package, no commercials. the screen tells me what is playing. Great Blues programming on Dishnet. Somebody there knows something about Blues.