SAS Audio 10A Linestage

Category: Preamps

I first encountered Steve Sammet of SAS audio at a listening session at Audio Jerry's. I really enjoyed the sound that the SAS 10A preamp brought to the table.

I recently auditioned Steves preamp in my system:

Amp: Bryston 4BSST
Speakers: ACI Jaguar / LFM's
DAC: Dodson DAC-263
Transport: Arcam FMJ-23T
De-jitter: Camelot Dragon Pro-2 MkII
PC's: TG Audio SLVR
IC's: SAS Audio
DC: I2Digital X-60
Isolation: Symposium Svelte Shelf and rollerballs
SC: DH labs Q-10

Music used:

1. Joshua Judges Ruth - Lyle Lovett
2. Sheherezade - Referece Recordings
3. Come Fly with Me - Norah Jones
4. Julie Roberts - Julie Roberts
5. Psalms - Reference recordings
6. AJA -Steely Dan
7. Crime of the Century - Super Tramp
8. City to City - Gerry Raffery
9. Diana Krall numerous
10 XRCD24 of 1812 overture
11. Tony Bennet and Bill Evans XRCD24
12. Mark Cohn Walking in Memphis

The 10A replaced a Bryston BP-20 which I really like. I obtained the 10A from Steve for for an audition. Up front let me say that Steve Sammet is a super guy. He is great at listening to his customers and has a wealth of knowledge about tube gear. He did not rush me through the audition and answered all my questions patiently.

Once the 10A was inserted into my system I sat back and began to enjoy the music. The 10A excels at tranparency. Not in the sence of being overly analytical, but in the sense that you hear the music as if it was live.

The high's are not overly extended, but things like cymbals and bells sound very natural.

The mids were to die for. Female voices like Norah Jones sound wonderful.

The bass was not impactful as the bryston, but was tonally rich.

Images were not quite as defined as the bryston, but had more density and roundness .

The soundtaging extended way beyond my speakers when that info was on the recording.

The 10a reverses speaker polarity as part of its design. I found it sounded best in my sytem if I reversed the polarity at my speakers.

Did I like it? I am buying one.