Sara K SACD vs. XRCD

Has anyone compared Sara K's Hell Or High Water on these two formats?
Hi...please post if you find out or listen for yourself. Equally would like to know (in general as well) people's impressions of these 2 formats!
A little late to this as I just came across it. I have the XRCD version of this and it is outstanding and the best quality sounding disc I own. I really wish this format had of taken off. I don't find a lot of music that interests me in this format.

I do not have a SACD player so that wasn't an option to compare sorry. I strongly suggest folks give this disc a spin if you can. The music as well as quality of recording are some of the best in my collection.

I think Music Direct sells the XRCD version.

Rick, XRCDs are regular 16/44.1 cds. I haven't read up on what they are doing in a while but I think they have some proprietary technology.

Most of the sonic benefit comes from making cds like everyone else does except they take care in each step of the process to not damage the music. In other words they're just doing what everyone else should be doing. It does work. They make great sounding cds.
I have the SACD but have not heard the XRCD. I consider the SACD to be amazing from both a content and sound quality standpoint. If they ever put this out on vinyl I'll get it. Also highly recommend Water Falls and the new In The Groove on vinyl. Sara K is an under appreciated artist IMO. Her stuff with the late Chris Jones on guitar is the best.
I would like to knows if and Audio Research LS 27

tube pre-amp will work with a Sim Audio moon LE

My speakers are Dynaudio contour 5.4 thanks in advance.
Tango- You posted your question in the wrong thread.

While I'm here, I'll add that the Sara K XRCD is one of the best sounding cd's in my collection. However, it doesn't get a lot of play time because I find the music a little boring.
I love Sara K, she is under appreciated and the German label she now records for, Stockfisch, is under appreciated too. I have'nt found a bad Stockfisch recording yet and some great artists on the label, along with Sara K, including David Munyon, Paul Stephenson, Mike Silver, Alan Taylor and Eugene Ruffulo. They are all worth exploring, in my opinion.

The best recording I have in any medium, is Waterfalls on basic CD. One of those discs you only have to hear the first 2 bars of the first track, to know you are in for a treat.
I agree on both counts. Sara K is really under appreciated and so is Stockfich Records. Their SACDs sound phenomenal!
The only issue with Stockfish SACDs is, once those SACDs go through your system, the rest of the CDs start sounding less dynamic (less presence). Hence, whenever I have to demo my system for my friends/colleagues, Stockfish SACDs are the last one to be demoed :-)

BTW, can you please provide some information on the Waterfalls CD, like the artist, label, etc?
Sorry Milpai, I should have said, Waterfalls is a Sara K CD on the Stockfisch label. I think it was her first on Stockfisch, when she moved from Chesky and her CDs there were pretty good too
Thanks David! Added to my list :-)
Been a huge Sara K fan since the early Chesky days. She is a unique and special talent.

I met Sara at The Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Santa Fe about 10 or so years ago. We were in town on vacation and happened to walk to the CHOF because we had heard that Sara played there on occasion- as it turns out she was playing there that evening. I asked if they had any tickets left and they looked at me a little funny and said that there were no tickets, just show up at 7:30- I think I was there at least an hour early. I was incredibly excited- her music is truly special for me.

She was playing solo to a not particularly interested dinner crowd. My wife and I manged to get a table directly in front of her and she, essentially, played for us for a couple of hours. She played all my requests and we met after the "show" and talked and I gave her what ammounted to what I felt would have been a very fair ticket price for the two of us. A truly memorable evening.

Anyway, Sara retired from the music scene back in 2009- a great loss for all her fans. I hope she is living happily now. She spoke of living "off the grid" outside of Santa Fe somewhere. Wherever she is now I hope she is well.

I DO like her later Stockfisch recordings very much, but have to say that her early Chesky albums- "Closer Than They Appear" (which I always suspected was inspired by looking at a vehicles' exterior side mirrors) and
"Play On Words" are my favorites- both are not to be missed.

Be well Sara. Your friend- Franz am jealous. I've always been a sara k fan also...own about 10 recordings...a few on chesky and stockfish...hope she comes back soon...I pretty much like ALL her music...
If she has retired, I wonder how Stockfisch keep coming out with new CDs. Perhaps they are old recordings
David12- All Stockfisch material was recorded no later than 2009, most prior to '09.