Sara K cd recommendations

Hi - I love her Hobo cd (Chesky). Can someone recommend other similar recordings by her that are similar to Hobo? I had purchased "What Matters" but don't like it that much. Thank you!
Her music on stockfisch label is all excellent.
Hell Or High Water
Made In The Shade
Play On Words
Hell or High Water XRCD Version
I like pretty much all of her recordings on chesky ...and agree the 2 or 3 on stockfisch are excellent !
"Play on Words" SACD Chesky H M
"Hell Or High Water" SACD Stockfisch H M
"Closer Than They Appear" Chesky J067 US

Thanks everyone for your replies. I will check them out. The XRCD version of "Hell or High Water" is hard to find without paying a significant premium over list.
All her stuff is wonderful, but Stockfisch is pretty much my favourite label for recording quality.

"Waterfalls" is a simply stunning CD, for recording and music. It is one of my 2 favourite CDs in that regard. You can't go wrong with any of her stuff on that label. If you like that sort of modern folk music, then the compilations "Closer to the Music" on Stockfisch, are a strong recommendation. They include music from Sara, also Alan Taylor, Eugene Ruffulo, David Munyon, all great artists IMHO