sar labs question

does anybody have input on this amplifier? the sarlab 200 wpc one on auction but know nothing about it.
Contact Agon member Devon - he knows a lot about this amp.
From another Agon member via emial -

Sar Lab is owned by Walter Romanyshyn who builds these and other amp in a room off his garage. A one man operation and at full steam he states it takes 40 hours to build
one mos 400 all hand assembled. He lives in a small modest house and is a very honest hard very very fair
man. He has build me a headphone amp so I can use both my Sennheiser 600 and also my older set of Stax.He is currently designing and building his own
"tubed pre' to match with his mos 400. I will give it a try for sure.
Rumor has it that Walter recently had a heart attack and has slowed down his operation. I am not sure if he is still producing these amps.

He apparently lives in or near Winnipeg Manitoba in CANADA.
To whom it may concern especially the person who started this rumor.

My name is Fred petersen I operate a small internet business called
Fred's Audio-Phyle Options ( and I represent SAR Labs
I have coffee with Walter Romanyshyn 3-4 times per week regarding business.

Rumors & gossip can have a disastrous effect on a persons business & livlihood and should therefore be verified before being published.

Walter is in good health and with the the lifestyle he leads will probably be in good health for quite a few more years.

The Mos 400 is in production & in my opinion is one of the best sounding amps available period. The fact that it is reasonably is just an added bonus.

So please no more false rumors about SAR Labs products!!!!

Please visit my web page or e-mail me at for more info
about this remarkable amplifier company.

............................ Fred Petersen
Sorry for passing on this unconfirmed rumor. You know what they say, don't believe all that you hear and half of what you see.

On the record, I was very impressed with the SAR labs Mos 400 and hope that he continues to produce this reasonably-priced Canadian amp.