SAR and equiptments from infected countries?

As SAR seems to be popular in Asian countries whereas many equipments are made.. Any possible (even very slight) chance that we can get affected? I know it can spread by a direct contact, but if the person who get SAR sneezes on the equipment, can we get it? I know the incubination period is only 14 days, but does it mean that the virus/or what ever it is will survive for only 14 days then dies?

I may be just paranoided here, but better be safe than sorry...

Any thought or red flag on this issue?
Wear a mask(3M N95) and wash your hands frequenctly when using "that" piece of equipment. And also don't touch your eyes, nose during listening......;^)....
sounds like a real pain in the butt... :)
Well actually I am not that concern anyway.. We go when it's time no matter what.. Just wanna see if anyone really concern about this..
The infection is spread by up close and personal contact only, (at least so far) (( if it was by touching items, we'd all be sick and half dead already))
So unless it is being delivered by an Asian person who flew here to deliver it personally, who also happens to have the illness... I feel safe to say you will not catch it.
But wear the mask anyway (ha hah ha)
Anyone purchasing ANY new piece of equipment should send it to me for quarantine. With an incubation period of 14 days and for concern of your health, I will keep the item for at least one month.

The cost? Only the price of shipping both ways.
Someone sneezes on a piece of metal, and you'll get sick several days later? Sounds like some sort of Star Trek episode to me...kind of like the time Captain Kirk did the nasty with a green alien "woman"
Incubation period is only if it has a host, meaning person. The virus might be able to live outside a host for maybe an hour.
It's said that the virus can only survive outside a host for a couple of hours.

Alan Hsu