Sao Win SDT-10 Strain Guage Cartridge.

I have a a 'black box' series SDT-10 and would love to rebuild the electronics, but need a circuit diagram.
Would anyone have such a thing?
Peter at Soundsmith no longer rebuilds these unfortunately.
Thanks in anticipation.
Have you asked about this over at ? That would be the first place I'd look.
I used to be a close personal friend of Sao. Perhaps 15 years ago my telephone numbers failed to reach him and once I failed to find him in the telephone book. I would suspect that if Soundsmith has no circuit diagram, either they didn't need one to rebuild them or they don't want to be involved for some reason.
Thanks Guys,
I will try DIY.
I had heard Sao was 'uncontactable' from a number of sources.
Peter probably doesn't want to be involved with the SDT preamp rebuilds anymore because he has his own product now.
I would love to give this box a "birthday"..components are historic and I think the cartridge (good as it is) is being held back hugely.