Sanus, Skylan stand questions

I just bought some small monitor speakers; my first. They are Era Design 5s; rather small, with two mounting threads on the bottom.

I now need stands, and have narrowed the choices down to these three:

1. The manufacturer recommended the Sanus Ultimate Foundations. A bit more than I want to spend, at about $300.

2. Sanus also has the Steel Foundations stands, which are a more reasonable $150.

3. Skylan.

All three allow mass-loading.

Any experiences/opinions that can inform my decision? Between the 1 and 2 option, for example, I'm curious what I'm paying twice the price for, and whether it's really worth it?
Thanks. I thought about that one, but its top-plate is 8-3/4" x 9-3/4". The speakers are narrower, at 7.1".

Also, from my understanding, I could bolt the speakers onto the Sanus stands, which is safer and provides better damping. Can I do that with the Dayton's? The image looks like not, but I really have no expereicne with speaker stands.
No experience with the Skylans but I used the Sanus Steel Foundation stands for awhile and passed them along to a friend when I sold her my Soliloquy 5.0's. They're nice stands, well made and good looking. When you fill the tubes with sand they're quite heavy and with the wide base they're very stable. They were the best thing I could find in that price range when I was shopping.
Just a quick addition...from what I have read over the years on the forum...lot's of people use BluTak to secure their speakers to the stands. I use it myself and can assure you that if the speakers fall the stands will fall with them.

just my 2c
I've had several stands over the years. Most expensive were the dedicated B&W 805 ones at $600. I now have 2 sets of Skylan stands that are the best I've ever owned. I think Skylan can make a custom top plate if you tell them what speaker you are going to use. Good luck.