Santana "Shaman" Released 10/22

The new Santana “Shaman” CD was released today. Having been a Santana fan since 1968, I had to purchase one! I’ve only listened to it once so far (75 minutes of music). I know I have to give it a chance, and become familiar with it. Believe me, it’s different! There are a few very good songs that I can get into right away, and then there are some different songs. It’s different from the Santana I’ve come to know (for example, “Supernatural” CD, which I very much like). What are your thoughts about the Shaman CD?
Just bought today for $9.99( Thank God). It is very different!! Santana is trying to get into the pop commercial world which is too damn bad!! Supernatural is much better. I am a die hard fan of Santana but if he keeps putting out this stuff I will have to resort to buying Madonna!! Hope the next album is back to roots!! Steve
Well I too being a Santana fan from way back. I had heard a song from this CD called "The Game of Love" a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was awesome. So I had to go out and buy the CD, and after giving it a good listen "I thought it was really good in fact better than Supernatural". I felt this Cd had more good songs. Other than Smooth and Corazon Espindo on Supernatural, I really didn't care for the remaining songs. This Cd (though it may be similar to Supernatural) was more enjoyable to listen too.
Supernatural is the clear example of Santana's entering the pop world. Good bye rock- hello hip-hop. Why he would go commercial after all his successful rock-years? Maybe he's trying to raise some bucks?
No need to resort to hand-wringing about Santana "going pop". These charges have been leveled at least three times during his career, in my memory, at least. Shaman is what, Santana's 37th album of songs? He has always tried tinkering on the edges of different genres and incorporating new styles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I recall those that said he could only do Latin, and he responded with a more jazz-influenced package. They said he had lost his edge for solo-guitar virtuosity. This just before the release including Europa (a classic), BTW. I think Santana enjoys and tries to incorporate influences ranging from Miles Davis to P Diddy and most everything in between. He tries to do what he likes and I don't think he really cares if it accepted widely, or not. He's got enough money to last he and his several lifetimes and, if he does something for the money, it is probably to support one of his causes, as opposed to his own bank account.

To many, Santana will always be "that guy who plays Latin music", when, in fact, most of his rhythms relate more to African-influenced music than anything else.
It got a terrible review in the Wash. Post today...they sort of pitied him, to be honest. Haven't heard it myself (not a fan in general). I didn't take to Supernatural at all.
He is a parody of his own clownish self. SOS!