Santana Pre-Columbia Recordings-Must Have

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This is a 3 disc LP album in a fabulous tri-fold presentation. Very well done. Comes from Italy, a true collectors edition in every sense of the word. All discs are 180 gram pure virgin vinyl and the manufacturing execution is flawless. Virtually non existent surface noise and zero warpage. Heavy duty inner sleeves to protect the discs. Sonics are fabulous,not to be missed.Actual title of this album is "Santana - Soul Sacrifice" on the Get Back label,catalog number "GET618".

This is for the true Santana fan,make no mistake about that. These recordings capture Santana prior to his signing with Columbia(CBS). Most of these were done from 1966 to 1968 in a wide variety of settings. Some were done in studios and appears others were done in some club settings. No they don't have the polish of the Columbia recordings,but clearly show the emerging talent of Santana during this period of time. On many of the selections with careful listening one can hear band members urging other members on to extend themselves,just fantastic.

The Selections Are:

Side A

1. Acapulco Sunrise
2. Coconut Grove
3. La Puesta Del Sol
4. Latin Tropical

Side B

1. Santana Jam
2. Soul Sacrifice
3. Persuasion

Side C

1. Let's Get Ourselves Together
2. Travellin Blues
3. Jamine
4. Hot Tamales

Side D

1. As The Years Go Passing By
2. Jingo
3. El Corazon Manda

Side E

1. Fried Neckbones
2. Everyday I have The Blues

Side F

1. Jamin G Minor
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Jammin Home

Some of these selections later on became big hits for Santana such as Soul Sacrifice,Jingo and Fried Neckbones.But the big treat here are the selections that Columbia did not do. Such as Santana jam,Acapulco Sunrise,and Jamin G Minor.

On these LPs you will hear Santana really stretch out,the drive and determination is truly stellar. Most of the selections are undocumented material and are captured here for the first time. All of the selections we know are played here. But the playing time is longer as the band is exploring the music with great verve. This was the beginning were Santana was blending rock,latin,jazz and blues into the signature that was to become Santana. You will also hear Greg Rolie and Neal Schon on these LP's. As you know Greg and Neal left in 70 or 71 to form what would become known as Journey.

So if you consider yourself a Santana fan,this is an absolute must have for your library. The music and the sonics of these LP's is very good indeed. Thankfully these early recordings survived,for this is truly a piece of rock history and captures Santana at his earliest best.

I found this album in a used record store,still in shrink wrap. I am not familiar with the GET BACK label. Although they do have a website []

Like I said if you are a true Santana Fan, this is a must have. To find this is a true joy for me. Hope you can find a copy it is truly worth searching out. For me even more so as it is in the vinyl format. Plus I worked at CBS during those years,I just don't know how we missed some of these selections. But I have them now.
I cannot comment about the pre Columbia recordings, but Neal Schon was not a member of the group for the original Columbia Santana LP(1969) or Abraxas(1970). I'm not sure about the third Santana LP, but both Schon and Rolie were on the Caravanserai LP, which was released in 1972. The following year, 1973 saw the release of the Welcome LP without Schon or Rolie.
Both Rolie and Schon were on the Santana III album. Quite right about Rolie and Schon not on the Santana 69 or Abraxas. Further examination of this set reveals Neal Schon was not on these early recordings. Gregg Rolie played on Jamine E,Jammin Home,With A Little Help from my Friends, and Travellin Blues. Although some of this info.,is vague as Gregg Rolie is listed on all the other selections,but in particular on the ones listed above. Guess thats the way it goes on undocumented material.
Rolie was on Santana 69 and Abraxas, but Schon was not.
Here is what I have found out from my old CBS files. On Santana 69 and Abraxas Gregg Rolie was on these as well,but Neal Schon was not. Neal was a member on Santana III and Caravanserai as was Gregg Rolie. At least this confusion prompted me to dig in the garage and find some of my old CBS files. Brought back many a good memory.