Debut is on mofi simply vinyl and apparently sony cbs 09 reissue (uk?) feedback? Abraxas and lotus reissues?
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If you are asking about the debut LP, as well as Abraxas on Mobile-Fidelity, I have both on Mo-Fi, as well as the originals, both Stereo, and SQ Quad.

I noted when getting these Mo-Fi's, that the appearance of the vinyl homogenity looked a bit less than the way they should, and blotchy. Some greyish discoloration-streaking in the vinyl, which IMO looked to be the poorest quality vinyl I have ever seen coming from Mo-Fi, and I have a good 50-55 or so Mo-Fi titles.
None of my others exibit these visual shortcomings.

I was doubtful, and had some reservations that they were going to be good sounding re-issues, but both were superb IMO, as far as sonics, and dead quiet in the groove, not a tick, or pop on either LP from start to finish. And I guess that what counts, the "sound", so rather than return for better "looking" copies that might possibly have sonic issues, I kept them both. Mark
Originals are plentiful and cheap. Look for those.

I know but debut is kinda murky as is lotus wondering if reissues offer improvement
The CBS Mastersound Half-Speed Master of "Abraxas" I have sounds excellent.
I'm less pleased with the Simply Vinyl first album.
Makes sense as abraxas is their best recording orig pressing is excellent as well if my copy wasnt so clean i would already have mofi