Santa Came Early!

I went to a local audio store today expecting to order a pair of Golden Ear Triton Two speakers for my secondary system. I was surprised that they not only had a new pair in stock, but that they could deliver them within the next couple of hours.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, the company van backed into my driveway and I helped the salesman carry both boxes to my upstairs home office. Ten minutes later, the salesman was leaving and I slipped him a 20 dollar bill. This is the second sale that he made to me this year. In early January, I bought a pair of GE Triton 1 speakers and he delivered them also. This really was my lucky day.

I have been listening to the new speakers since 5pm and they sound wonderful, right out of the box. There really is a Santa Claus!

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Whom is your dealer/retailer? Where are you guys located?
Since you bought speakers from the salesman, he is probably thinking.... Christmas came early.

Congratulations on the new speakers!
The dealer is Audio Concepts in North Attleboro, Mass.   They do not work on commission there, but they get paid an excellent salary.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Good deal! 

Enjoy the music! 
stereo5, having done that job, every dealer has "push" lines he needs to keep the doors open . If you don't sell them you won't be around long..
Exception is the store,and there are more than one might imagine, that is run by a trust fund baby to whom profit and loss is irrelevant .

Not to imply this was the case with your purchase .

Merry Christmas !

Thank you all for the well wishes.  This particular store has been in business in the same location since 1977 and also has another more recent store on Commonwealth Ave in Boston.  I personally know the owner of the store as he went to Bishop Feehan Catholic High School with my wife.  They both grew up in North Attleboro, Mass and he still resides there.  The owners father used to run a TV and radio store in the town.

This store has survived by always staying on top of new things and by having the inventory to back it up.  They have done many huge systems for various New England Patriots players costing upwards of 100K.  They also have an on site service department of which the owner is the service tech.  He has over 50 years of experience and knowledge.  I feel lucky to have this dealer so close to me and will support them whenever I can.


You are lucky to have that. Most places don't , hence the reason so much gear is being sold on the Internet.
Right now I am listening to Johnny Winter, "Scorchin' Blues" and the sound is the best I have heard in this room yet.  Its playing on a Sony HAPZ1ES Music Player into a Rogue Cronus Magnum and out to the Triton 2.   Merry Christmas all.
I'm surprised no one has made a comment about Mrs. Claus being disappointed.  

Mrs. Claus got a new car in December plus many other gifts today.
Smart!  Every good audiophile knows you have to take care of Mrs. Claus!

Congrats and enjoy!
J. :)
Clearly I was too subtle.  Perhaps if I had said she was frustrated?
I do not get what you are driving at.  My wife is extremely happy and she is the one who INSISTED that I buy the speakers.  My wife got a brand new 2016 Hyundai Sonata loaded to replace the 2012 that she had.  Also in December, we had BathFitters redo our bathroom to the tune of 6K and she bought new curtains, rugs and such.  As I said, my wife is very happy so I do not get it.  Enlighten me please.
Last hint, since its not worth it; you aren't/weren't Santa, but he came early, and Mrs. Claus/she was frustrated/disappointed.  Is that enough?

Got it, was a joke.  Good one.
Stupid joke...nice speakers!