Sansui717 with 4 Bose 901VI issue (custom stand and subwoofer add on)

I have had my 4 bose 901s for about 6 yrs and was ready to sell them as they did not reflect sound around my 85" tv and lower cabinet that sits underneath that beast, where I have my amp, tuner and my sansui SR838.
Just no room for sound reflection as designed

So I experimented for the heck of it, and turned the speakers on their side and raised them about a 8" to a ft off the floor.The sound is unbelievable.12"-16" off back wall.Base in incredible and sound is even better than the way they are mounted on the tulip stands.I dont need the base boost on the equalizer nor loundness switch flipped on the amp.I am in love with bose all over again.Wife loves the way they look now.

So does anyone know of some type of stand one can get to attach to these speakers to cradle them in a vertical position? Otherwise I will have a custom stand made.  I am 100% happy with the sound and I have listened to $5000-7000 speaker systems at best buy and my wife and I thinks our new bose setup sounds better than the recent speakers we heard. 

Another issue, how does one add a subwoofer channel to an old systems like this, and have it be in phase with the likely delay the bose speakers have.   My old mint sansui does not have a subwoofer out.  I doubt the samsung 85" would have one.  For music I dont think I need it, but for movies it could be a better rush to have they crazy base option.

Oh, Bob. You are asking the wrong crowd about Bose........
No problem, what brought me to this site was a post about 4 901s and a home theater application, I chose to not jump in on the 2018 thread I saw.  Looked like people helped on that person's question.
I will get off the site.
I didn't mean to chase you off with my response, my apologies. I say it because most people on the forum have a less than favorable opinion of all things Bose. Hang in there, some kind soul will answer...
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Yes, get custom stands made! One can only like what one likes!
you can get a REL subwoofer; it has three lugs on one end and a Neutrik connector at the subwoofer lug to L+ one lug to R+ and the other to either L or R - at speaker output on amplifier.
I cant see how you could hurt the sound by turning them sideways.  Not my cup of tea, but if you like them horizontal then vertical should be about the same.  The design uses multiple cheap drivers arranged goofy anyways/