Sansui Turntable - Best one to own?

Which vintage Sansui Turntable is the one to own? I run a vintage system Sansui AU-999/TU-999 with a Cal Audio CL-10 right now...also have a Rega Mira3 Amp for new-ish rig...Saw a really beautiful Sansui TT here some months ago for sale and it is now haunting me...
Br3098's comment about the SR-929 being a good table, and a great table for the money (and probably best in the line) is spot on (IMHO). However, I would not agree that they are the best Japanese tables of the period. I prefer the Luxman 400/500 series mentioned (vs the SR-929), but there are many other tables from other mfrs which do better than the Sansui. However, many or most of them cost more too, meaning the Sansui has it's place even now.
@BR & @T-bone: Got any pics of the SR-929? None on line it seems...What are performance differences between 838 & 929? Both are direct drive, correct? Thank you!
Here is a link to a dealer with restored vintage TT's. He has pretty good photos of both the 929 & 838.

I happen to have a vintage Sansui TT. About 30 or so years old. But it's a model I doubt anyone has ever heard of or that you could get any info on.

Hope the link helps.
The 838 and 929 are completely different decks. I prefer the 838 myself, but the 929 has a cult following; I think largely because they are somewhat rare.