Sansui TU-X1 Tuner

I recently purchased a used TU-X1 Tuner that is missing the bottom feet.
Does anyone know where I can get some feet that would look and sound ok ?
An exact replacement would be nice but not necessary.
I tried using the rubber feet from my cd player but I didn't like the sound.
I'm currently using vibrapods, sounds good but doesn't look as good.

Thank you for any suggestions

Herbies ?
I have Vibrapoints under my tuner with good result.
Keep an eye out on Ebay. Maybe you could pick up a different (cheaper) model with feet that will work. May even find the feet you want if patient.
Thanks, for the info.
I'll keep using the vibrapods and look at Ebay a couple of times a week.
I will say this is a very very good sounding tuner!!

Thanks again,
Does the tuner live up to the press clippings? Have you ever tried the Marantz 10B or other tube tuners. The reason I ask is trying to gauge what this tuner sounds like. Bob
I also have a McIntosh MR77, that I bought about 10 years ago. It is completely stock, I never had it aligned or adjusted because I always enjoyed it.I firmly believe if it ain't broke don't fix it.
I brought the TU-X1 to Ken at Stereo Surgeons as soon as I got it.I didn't even listen to it.It came from the state of Washington and I live in New Hampshire.
It took Ken about 5 months to finish it , I picked it up 4 weeks ago and the tuner is still burning in.He replaced capacitors and other parts, resoldered some connections and other things, I don't have the paper work with me.
I wanted to buy a TUX1 or 10B but I read a lot of comments about all the cost to keep the 10b in top shape.

The sound of the TUX1 is very close to my Resolution Audio CDP.Imaging and seperation is very good.The sound stage is wide and has dept to it.The bass is excellent tight and accurate, not bloated.I have a wavelength 300b and Frankenstein 300b mono's and the tuner sounds very good with both of them.

I enjoy this tuner more then my cd player because I can get a nice variety of music without getting more cd's.
The sound of the tuner is still changing/improving.
To answer your question yes , I feel this tuner does live up to the press clippings.
Do I regret buying it , HELL NO !and I'm still tweaking it.

If you find one in nice condition get it and send it to Ken at Stereo Surgeons you won't regret it.
When I picked up the tuner Ken said my tuner is one of the nicest ones he has worked on. The person I bought the tuner from put felt pads under it and he couldn't find the stock feet.Ken also feels this is the best or one of the best tuners ever made.When he finished working on it the sensivity was or/is 0.6 uv .

Good luck in your quest for a tuner, I think if your persistent you'll find a TUX1 for around 2k,it's a lot of money but only you can decide it it worth it.

Let me know if you have any other questions.