Sansui SR 525....

Just acquired this for my budget system...very nice direct drive table for late 70s era I believe...quiet, stable, very good bass reproduction...put on a Shure m97 and it sounds superb...very detailed yet unfatiguing...not the last word in air...but not overly rolled off or mellow as many have claimed...
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One of the biggest audio fables is that Jap DD's were not musical, many were. In grad school I worked at a store that was one of the largest Linn Lp-12 dealers in the US, which at that time was the Holy Grail of TT's.
When no customers were in the store the guys often played vinyl with a Sony X-5 that as I recall sold for around $200 with an Shure M-91 cart.
Why? , it sounded better to most.
I has a Sansui 707 TT that I still miss. Drop dead beautiful piano black zinc base , weighed about 40 lbs with a Hadcock type arn.