Sansui SP-1500 Speakers

Does anyone know that watts and db rating on these speakers? Are there any inexpensive mods for them?

Thanks for the reply. I did a bit more research and found that the SP-1700's were rated at 70 watts. It seems to me that I saw a pair of SP-1600's on ebay one time so I assume that mine would be rated at 50 watts. I picked mine up from a Salvation Amry store for $6.00 each so I'm not out any serious change for these. I just hooked them up tonight and find them to be similar to old JBL. But then if i recall the old Sansui speakers were refered to as " The JBL of Japan.

I did find this post on audio asylum if you want to follow the link.
interesting thread on the crossover rework. I remember being in a small boutique in N California and they had a pair of these that I assume were the SP1600's or 1700's ( a little larger than the 1500's). They really sounded nice - which made it more disappointing when I got home and played mine. That's when I decided to rework them. In my case I already had the parts for a complete replacement so I didn't give it any second thoughts.

good luck with your mod's. They're a classic looking speaker and MO worth keeping.
I have had mine playing continuosly since I began the post. They really are starting to open up. ( who would have though this with such an old pair of speakers? ) At first they were very scratchy sounding in the mids and highs, now they are smoothing out quite nicely. I think I might let it play out before going further. And actually this is an upgrade for this system, I was running a pair of cheap Sony's I got for free at a garage sale when I bought an old receiver sometime back.
I am not familiar with your speakers, but there seems to be a few vintage speakers that continue to make for very enjoyable listening. My speakers were made in 1975 and I dig the hell out of them and they are still 100% original, though I have considered crossover changes. But until they don't excite me and draw me into the music, I remain satisfied.

After listening for a while, you will know if they will work for you and what you wish you want to improve on. So for now, I suggest you just kick back, listen and enjoy.

It sounds like you run on a tight budget like I do.
this is an interesting website, tho it doesn't specifically list your speakers:

besed upon the drivers in yours, & the 60w max power rating (from sp1500's i have seen on ebay), i would suspect your speakers have somewhere in the low to mid 90db/1w/1m efficiency. my sp2500's, which i paid $25 for, are rated at 98db/1w/1m. i wrote a li'l blurb about 'em here:

re: mods, i would suspect that rebuilding the x-overs w/newer quality parts would result in a big improvement. i am considering doing so w/mine, even tho it will at least quadruple my investment in them. ;~)

doug s.