sansui qr 1500

I really like vintage audio and came across a sansui qr 1500 for 29.00 The sansui is listed at 15w and I have been of the mindset the more watts the more power thus a more fuller sound. Please advise
will it be your main system component?
Well it depends on how it performs. I have a Denon POA 2800 that I use as part of a main system. I recently purchased a marantz 2230 and use it on a 2nd system because of the smoothness of the sound. The POA is great but I would replace it in a minute for a great sounding vintage receiver/amp.

I misread your statement. Yes it would be my main system component serving as the preamp/receiver pushing a pair of sansui speakers (sp-z7/ 250 watts) that I purchased in Korea in 1984 while serving in the Army.My CD player is a pioneer dv-c-503 which is also a dvd player.
I have a stunning secondary system amp which is Sunfire Symphonic Reference. It throws 250W/8Ohms and doubles at 4Ohms throughout full frequency range! It's hard to get it used because nobody sells it.
If you still want to aim for vintage gear I'd recommend Nakamichi PA/7 which probably would not run any cheaper than Sunfire I mentioned.