Sansui CA3000 Preamp. Pioneer Spec Pream

Hi, has anyone owned or heard the Sansui CA 3000 Preamp, or the CA 2000 Preamp. Also, has anyone heard the Pioneer Spec 1 Preamp. You see them alot on Ebay. These Preamps were made in 1977. These Preamps are massive. They are really built. Whats people's opinion on them
they are massive and built in the '70's. most were purchased at px's because they were massive and built in the '70's. i woudn't hesitate buying either if you're in the market for a boat anchor or doorstop that's massive and built in the '70's.
I know where you are coming from -- I used to love the old, big pieces. Unfortunately, I think you will find they sound dreadful --- dead, flat, thin, lifeless, edgy. That's why I don't buy pieces like this I see for sale. Unless you just want to relish the physical appeal they have & the nostaglic feelings they create. High end, they're not.
I have two CA-3000's and they sound great. I don't know where the previous poster got his information from, but the Sansui is really high-end! A few people listened to it (experienced people) and they said it was the best transistor-pre-amp they ever heard. That should say enough!

Jaap van den Bosch