Sansui AU-919 / AU-719

I have been scouring the web for the above units without much luck.

I know they show up on eBay regularly, but I have awful luck with eBay vintage buys and always end up spending $100 plus to bring my buys up to snuff.

I would like to buy from a reputable repair shop/re-seller that has put the unit on his bench, brought it up to spec and will sell it with a nominal guaranty.

Would prefer to do this locally, SW Washington state, but if I can find someone on the www with a good reputation, that would be great also.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and personal recommendations
I have both tuners as well as a bunch of others. My suggestion is to get one off Audiogon from a reputable person that has already been upgraded. If you buy it off Ebay, I bet you will pay the same price for a tired unit.

Good luck.
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You should vist the website

Besides a focus on vintage gear, there is a classified section where members post. GREAT bunch of people, no BS over there.