Sansui AU-517

Hi, I've been offered this Sansui integrated amp from the very early 80's. I know it's far away from quality from current int amps, but I think it would be a nice amp for a pair of big JBL's I have and could be a good combo for aparty rig.

How much are they worth ?
Are they really worth it ?

I own an AU 717 85wpc it works really well for powering party sound plus it has a host of cross over adjustable tone controls. There is one factual error most AUs were built in the late 70s. In 1980 or about then, they started outsourcing check to see if it has been made in Japan, those are the good ones. JBLs of what era? Check wattage and efficiency although the brand tended to be quite conservative however,the 717 seems more like 100wpc +. My early JBLs and Klipsch rock the house. For price just start watching ebay for prices, there is a site "audio classics" not the Mac site that may have valuation.
You'll be betting a nice quality amp with plenty of 'punch' and a sound that is quite rich and warm. It can still hold it's head high even today. They're a semi-collectable piece of audio gear, worth about $325 to the right buyer if in nice sonic/.cosmetic condition.