Sansui au 2900 for dedicated 2 channel vinyl?

I just picked up an excellent Pioneer PL 570x Euro version and waiting for its arrival. I'm looking for a dedicated 2 channel amp to go with this turntable.

I love the look of the Sansui amps with the black face and silver controls and think it would match beautifully with my Pionner TT.

I haven't chose speakers yet, but anyone have experience with this amp? Not much info on the net regarding its performance. I don't need a lot of power because it's going to be in my office for my own listening pleasure.

The AU 2900 will work fine for a small room system. It is a very good, entry-level vintage amp. If it were me I would look for an x17 (117 through 917) model; they will be in the same price ballpark but are substantial units.

At low listening levels you can use almost any speaker but I would suggest a pair of classic speakers like Dynaco A25s or Sansui SP-200s if they are not to big. Another good option would be a pair of Spica TC-50s.

Classic Sansui amps are sound great and, if avoid the products made in the 80s, are built like tanks. Have fun!
Thanks for the response. I decided to go with the AU-2900, I think it will work nicely for my needs.

I've been reading a bit on high efficieny speakers and a lot of folks seem to recommend Klipsch KG series and Fortes. They seem to be very efficient.

Seeing that this little amp only produces 15 wpc, I suspect I should be looking strictly at high effeciency speakers from the "modern" era if I decide to go that route rather than vintage.

It's sometimes pretty difficult finding vintage in acceptable condition and when you do, there's always a premium to pay.

Sorry, now this topic has switched to speakers, but is high efficiency the route to take with this amp? Along the lines of those Klipsch i mentioned, Altec Lansing's line, or KLH?

I've heard the Dynaco A25 mentioned a lot, but also read they're not all that efficient...I could be wrong. The Sansui SP 200's look very nice as well and seem to be a very nice match with this amp. I don't know much about the Spica TC-50.

Thanks for your responses!
Congratulations on your AU 2900 purchase. You mentioned that this system is going into your office. How big is the room, where are the speakers going to be placed, what type of music do you listen to and how loud?

If you are going to be in a smallish room, playing music at moderate levels I wouldn't be too terribly concerned with speaker efficiency.

Klipsch Heritage designs are great and economical, but they tend to be rather large and may not work well in a small room; they are definately not bookshelf units. KG4s would be a good match for your amp, if you have the space.
Thank you, I'm pretty excited about the amp.

Room size: 12 x 15, not real small. More medium size I guess now that I look at it.

Placement: There's room to place on stands or even floor standing. They can be very versatile as far as placement goes. There won't be much clutter in there aside from my desk w/laptop and printer, file cabinet. I'll have more records in there then office supplies. More of a music room/office.

Loudness: I listen to my music at a medium level. Not real loud, but loud enough that I may not hear my cell phone ring. But occasionally, I like to blast it a bit.

Music: I listen to mostly punk and garage, old country and indie.
If it were me, for a room of that size and given your musical choices I would probably go for an "old school" speaker:
1- I still think that the A25s will work great, but so will the SP-200s.
2- Another good, low cost option is the Boston Acoustics A60, A80 or A100. They all sound similar except for the increased bass response as you go up the line.
3- The Snell K/II, J/II and E/II are great, undervalued speakers. They sound good, are bulletproof, easy to place and cheap.
4- My opinion is that your room is probably too small for vintage Klipsch speakers. There are those who would disagree, but they do pump out a lot of bass and can overwhelm a smaller room.

Good luck.
I am using a Sansui AU-217 for an amp on my PC speakers. Sansui used a glue to hold board components in place prior to wave soldering. this glue over time usually eats through the component leads. You may want to check your unit and look for oxidized leads. Also bypass the power supply caps with film and foil units, as well as the interstage coupling caps. Amazing how nice these units can sound.

Thanks for the added suggestions Br3098

And thanks Johnss for your insight regarding the Sansui units. I'll be sure to take a close look at it when it arrives.

As far as the speakers, I've heard so many great things about the A25's that I really want some! I guess I'm afraid this little amp won't make them sing as they should and I'll be disappointed.

I don't really understand power ratings on amps...I'm pretty new to all this.

The back of the amp says: AC 240 Volts - 50 Hz
Power 110 Watts

I believe this is a 4 channel how does this equate to 15 WPC? It's listed on a Sansui website I found that it's rated 15 WPC. Little confused and that's why I'm concerned with the A25's because I've read where people suggest nothing under 35 WPC for these speakers.

Can anyone help me with this...?
1- Your amp is a stereo unit, not quad. You are seeing 2x 2 channels (A & B) - that's very common on 70s/80s consumer gear.

2- I believe that your amp is rated at 25W per channel. I could be wrong, but that is what is listed on one of my reference documents.

3- I've already said all that I need to say re: the Dynaco speakers. Find a pair and give them a try or go to something else. This is vintage gear - there are no guarantees. If you want guaranteed compatibility you should probably be looking at new gear, or at least gear that is still supported by the manufacturer.