Sansui AU-217

Can anyone advise where I can buy a lamp for this tuner?

thanks in advance!

I do not beleive they are lighted. At least mine isn't.
The Au-217 isn't a tuner, it is an amplifier.

If you are talking about the TU-217, which is a tuner, there are no lights in the dial.
Are you sure you have the model correct? My first amp was a Sansui AU-217 Mark II, and I had the matching tuner - the TU-217. I don't remember any lights either.

Sorry my mistake. It is a " TU-217 " So that answers my question, since it is not lighted. Sounds quite good though! Anyone know how high up the chain I need to go before the dial is lighted? I once had a 517 tuner that was lighted. Anything below that lighted?
Never mind asnwering the question. I was just on a web site that was quite informative.