Sansui AU-111 vacuum tube amplifier

I am interested in the vintage Sansui AU-111 integrated vacuum tube amplifier. I know it was reissued in 1999 and is currently very rare. Could anyone tell me whether it can be reissued again? Is it possible to custom-make this amplifier in the US or Japan using ex-Sansui engineers and technicians?

I will appreciate your opinion and recommendation.
Hi, the AU-111 is a miracle. Its sheer musicality is second to none. Mine was compared to the most expensive VAC Phi, Manley separates, VTL Reference stuff, Boulder SS separates, Shindo pre/power combo, Hovland and Audio Research, just to mention a few, and THEY DON'T MAKE 'EM LIKE THAT ANYMORE. Superior to today's megabuck units. Its output transformers are worth $1000 each alone. The 1999 AU-111 reissue wasn't as good as the early original. It would be impossible to duplicate one because the reissue Hashimoto transformers are NOT the same, and the Suzuki caps are unavailable. You can find early AU-111 on the used market from time to time and they fetch up to $2500 in POOR condition.
If one ever came up for sale in mint or near mint condition, free of rust and bad caps, especially with the rare optional A-603 plug-in MC step-up transformers, it would be the priceless ultimate amp to own. And that's an understatement.
What a load. This guy is full of it.
Hey,gotta love the enthusiasm......YMMV,Bob
I don't know if phonoclassics is 100% right; but I think he is right about the transformers.
is the aU-111 WILL BE A GOOD MATCH WITH zU DRUIDS mkiv?...101DB

I got a Sansui AU111, fully serviced by my best tech.
I plugged my vintage Hegeman model 1 speakers to test it.
My first impression is Clarity, transparet voices, extended treble and deep deep bass. But I think it sounds a little too bright to me. I will hook my Sabsui SPLE8t soon, thise are suposed yo be one of the best matches for this amp.

I used to service those amps back in the day... At the shops where I worked I tended to be the one doing the tube equipment when it showed up.

The output transformers were pretty decent. But the parts quality was pretty bad. They used paper and oil coupling caps but had reliability problems (I've seen them leaking more than once). The tube sockets were terrible and were prone to bad connections.

I can't comment on the sound- its been too many decades since I last saw one. At least I can say that when I fixed them they didn't seem to have any troubles lasting out the service warranty of the shops where I worked.