Sansui A-80 help

I picked up a A-80 dirt cheap. [ cute little inegrated I'm going crazy to listen to ] However when I attempted to turn it on, it only came on for a few seconds. Afterwards it fizzeled and went off. Upon further attempts I found the same results. I noticed on the back there is a 220v sticker that someone has drawn a red line through.

I'm wondering if perhaps someone attemped to rewire it for 120v. Or perhaps there is something else going on.

thanks for any suggestions in advance.
As with many vintage pieces which have not been in use for a while, the Sansui most likely needed to be brought back on-line gradually by using a variac, or some other device that would limit the initial amount of voltage fed to the circuits. Sounds like you may have fried the unit and given what you paid, it may make little sense to even think about repairing.

Regards, Rich
Seems logical but the guy I bought it from claimed it was working 2 months ago. I would hope that I could fire it right up with only a 2 month break.

I managed to get a estimate on it. It needs a power supply. anyone know where I could get a power supply for it?
Just have the technician who gave you the estimate replace the power supply. If you are looking for a Sansui power supply to drop in, lotsa luck unless you come across a salvage one. Even if you were to score one, you would need a schematic unless you are familiar with power supplies and precautions you should be taking. Buying vintage pieces and paying to restore them, go hand in hand. I have had a number of vintage Marantz pieces restored ... replacing the power supply is usually part of the equation.

Regards, Rich
I thought it through and in the end you were correct. It is not worth it. I already have a half dozen amps sitting here collecting dust. I will most likely throw it out unless the repair shop wants it.

thanks for the advice!
Well I left the amp sitting in my truck becuase I forgot to throw it away. And then I got to talking with a co-worker ( whom grauated from Electronic school ) that told me most likely there was nothing wrong with the power supply, most likely it was just a bit of loose soldering. So I thought why not? I thought might as well pull it a part and have a look. So I brought it inside to take it apart and then just before I did I plugged it in one more time. believe it or not it lit right up and has been playing all night without a glitch!

go figure.....