Sansui 9090db, best match vintage speakers

This is a new purchase, i have a set of DCM Timeframes from back in the day, but want an afforadble set of vintage speakers
I used to sell the 9090db. A classic piece!

I have heard it and many other vintage gear with various vintage speakers in the day (ie mid/late 70's).

Contact OHM Acoustics and ask for availability of new and refurbished OHM Ls, C2s, or Hs (all under $1000/pair I believe if available. Also ask about the various advantages differences among these.

Or, pick up an old pair with cabinets in good shape on ebay, try them out, and send them to OHM for the upgrades to latest drivers and technology for possibly even lower cost if desired.
I spent a fair amount of time in 1980 listening to a Sansui 9090db driving Snell Type A. Amazing! Search for Snell and you'll find plenty of info.
I just pulled my EPI 100s out of the bedroom system and hooked them up to the Sansui AU D11 in my main analog system. I had Kirkseater 220s before. The EPIs sound great. I should have done it long before.
Thanks, I have reviewed your suggestions, and of course listening to them is the true test, however thats not always an option. I have mu eye on a set of Norman Lab 9's, i wounder if anyone has heard these, and if so do you think they will compliment my new (vintage) Sansui
Powertrader, this might interest you:
01-17-11: Pabs911
I have a very modest system that my DQ-10s are the star of... Sansui 9090 receiver and a modified (Parts Connexion) Onix XCD-88 CD player. What strikes me the most about the DQ-10 is how "right" they are. I have them in my studio and listen to them for hours each day with no ear fatigue whatsoever. I have the later mirror imaged large yellow capped version DQ-10s. I haven't modified them except to decouple the piezzo tweeter. I've owned quite a few quality speakers (and still do), but these are my favorites. I also second the stellar opinions on using them as fronts in an HT system... AWESOME! I just wish they were smaller and less awkwardly shaped. lol
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I used my 9090db with JBL studio monitor L166 speakers, exclusively.
Wonderful, clear and compact, with full, rich and real bass.
OHM I or H if you can pick up a factory refurbed pair.

Any OHm Walsh will do nicely as well.
ADS 810 or AR 11 would go nice with the Sansui!