Sansui 717 - "System A and B" Help

Dear Sir,

My cables are bi-wired so I have a total of 8 speaker ends(i.e., 4 plus and 4 minus) comming out of 1 pair of speakers. Correspondingly, there are total of 8 binding posts on the integrated amp. to which each of speaker wire end is connected.

Questions: Is it generally recommended to connect each speaker end to each corresponding binding post(that is, filling all of System A and B binding posts by speaker cables)thereby using "A+B" amp. setting? Or is it better to leave either system A or B speaker out(that is, connecting 2 wire ends into 1 binding post)thereby setting the amp. mode to either A or B - but not both A and B?

I am currently using the former setting (i.e., using both A and B) since it sounds great that way. But I am worried if that would damage either/both my speakers or/and amp for I have hitherto understood that the usage of both A and B simultaneously is restricted upon the situation where there are "2 pairs" of speakers connected to 1 amplifier.

In fact, when I switch the speaker out mode to "A" alone - while utilizing both "A and B" systems - I am only able to hear very high frequency sound without the presence of low; on the other hand, if I am to set the output mode to "B" alone - again, while using both A and B systems - only the "low" frequency sound is audible from my speakers.

Am I doing something wrong here? Sounds quite confusing yet I am more confused than the questions being posed here... Any suggestion is welcome!

As I understand you're currently having both speaker and amplifier with bi-wirable binding posts.

When you switch to "A" alone you simply disconnect woofer. If you connect in this case speaker binding posts with jumper + to + and - to - respectively you'll hear back everything.

I'm not sure if amplifier has two or four channels but I do suspect that you're simply benefit either from bi-wiring or higher power feeding one speaker from two channels.

You are fine running it that way. You won't hurt anything. The impedances are fine for that integrated, assuming it is non-biwired. By the way if you ever want another 717, I have one here waiting for a new home. AaronM
Dear Marakanetz and Aaronm,

Thanks guys! One cannot be too careful with audio equipment!

To Aaronm: Thank you for your suggestion above but I must decline your offer for I am just about to upgrade the 717 to either MF A300 or Primare A20/30.

At any rate, I am quite relieved now.
best wishes,