Sansui 4000

Purchased this receiver at a thrift store for $30 with wooden case.After a little cleaning and Deoxit it works and sounds great and was wondering what speakers and cartridges are a good match for the two phono sections.Would appreciate any information you can share.Thank you.
I suspect any MM cartridge would work just fine.   Receivers are designed to be pretty general and not fussy.  

Any speaker whose power requirements are about half to a third of what the power rating of the receiver should work okay.   Don't let the wattage rating fool you, manufacturers save money on current, so go easy on the amplifier - choose speakers that don't demand a lot of current.  

For 30 bucks and some elbow grease, you got a smoking deal!   I always grab deals like this when I find one!   Nice going!
I have a Sansui 1000 and a Sansui 2000. Both cheap GW finds! And both working fine! Classic Jap receivers from the late 60's.
Sansui  is THE company  no longer around that I miss the most !Made some truly great gear .
Thanks for your response.
A pair of SP-2000 came along with the purchase but haven’t seen many favorable opinions on them.
The model 5000 was the only "Dog" Sansui put out. Yours should
be fine. Perhaps some new caps ?
Unless you are into Japanese music you won't on SP-2000 .Some heavy- metal freaks seem to like them though .
The 4000 is a great little receiver, and the 5000 is too.  My old 9090db has eventually become what I listen to most.  It just sounds right. Enjoy your find.  Need more power? The 4000 makes a great preamp/tuner.
Old JBL’s, EPI’s., ADVENTS and Altecs are a good match.

Yes it is.Using it with a pair of ADS L620'S, Cambridge Audio 651c and Technics SL-1700 with various cartridges in a second system and I'm pleased with the setup.