Sanders Magetch Amp

Looking for opinions on this amp that got rave reviews in TAS.  I heard someone say it is a little lean in the bass and would like to know what others think.  The amp would be driving GE Triton Ones.
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I haver not heard the Magtech, but I'd be surprised if it was lean in the bass at all. The ESL amp I did hear however sounded cool, as opposed to lean. It didn't lack bass so much as sounding analytical.  Not harsh, but close to the older ARC amps.

Sorry I can't help you with this specific model.


I had an early version of the Odyssey Kismet in Stratos monoblocks and decided to try the Sanders Magtech because my local dealer had one on consignment.  Two of my friends came over, and none of us expected a significant difference.  All three of us were stunned at the improvement with the Magtech.  Granted, we were running the amps on Magnepan 3.7's, which are known to be hard to drive, but everything was cleaner especially at higher volumes.  The only thing that the Odyssey monos arguably had over the Magtech was micro-details and boogie-factor.  I'd say that the Magtech is pretty neutral.