Sanders ESL Speaker Cable

Roger Sanders makes speaker cables specifically designed for electrostatic speakers (i.e., very low inductance but also relatively low capacitance). I haven't seen any reviews or much commentary about them. I would appreciate any comments from those with personal experience or other information about these cables. I would use them with Quad 57s and an SET amplifier. Thanks much.
I tried a pair and you can find quite a few comments on the MartinLogan Owners website

Basically they are made from standard Belden 8247 coax (similar to TV coax but larger) and though they are very detailed and produce excellent microdynamics, I feel they lack lower midrange and bass response; making them impractical for use with a fullrange stat like a Quad 57 (in fact I tried them on a friend's 57's and my own CLS's)

Any good low capacitance (under 40 pF) speaker cable would work better for your purposes. I'm partial to Purist products, but any low strand count cables (i.e. NOT Cardas) will be good with stats.
I have been using Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables with a pair of Quad 2905s and the results are pretty awesome.Have experimented with Audioquest Mt Blanc,Audioquest Bedrock and a few others but the Cardas Golden Reference is miles superior in my system.
Sunny, all I can tell you is the Cardas GR is about 217 pF per foot; about 5 times the recommended capacitance for loading electostats. I'd have to do some research to find out those AQ cable specs. But if you can borrow a pair of Purist, Siltech, Virtual Dynamics, Transparent, or any low-strand-count cable with under 30pF per foot, it should make a significant difference (for the better) especially with that great CJ amp ;-)