Sanders 10e

Congratulations to Roger Sanders and Sanders Sound Systems on The Absolute Sounds INCREDIBLE REVIEW on the best darn speakers I have EVER heard.  

Roger Sanders - The Genius.  
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I've heard the 10E setup several times. And they do NOT have a tiny sweet spot. They sound absolutely fabulous too. In my opinion, it is very good value for money.

I would assume that what Stewart heard was improperly setup.
That's a classical example - you don't know what to believe.

Again, the manufacturer says they have a tiny sweet spot and that it is intentional, to minimize room interaction......

Also, if they do not have a tiny sweet spot then perhaps you could explain to me why Sanders is the only exhibitor at any audio show anyone has ever attended that places ONLY three chairs in a row front to back centered between the speakers......

If you do not believe these speakers have a tiny sweet spot, then you disagree with the designer himself.....

Here are direct quotes from his white paper:
"So for serious listening, you need to be at the sweet spot"
"Beaming" is not a fault. It is a huge advantage"
"I want narrow dispersion in my speakers to minimize room acoustics"

I'm not going to debate your opinion that these speakers sound fine off your ears they might!  But to mine and two other sets of ears that were in the living room these were set up in, we all agreed the speakers sounded absolutely dreadful outside of a ridiculously small space between the speakers.......This gentleman traveled 700 miles to pick these up.....they were set up in his room for 3 days and then they were sold and shipped to their next owner, while he went and got a used pair of Magnepan 3.7s.....

You might read from my responses that I do not like the Sanders speakers and you'd be only half right......when I've listened to them at shows, the sound has unfailingly been some of the best at the show.......but the small area where you need to be to hear these properly make them an impossible choice for me and others I've spoken with.....

Almost like big headphones, as good as they might sound.
I just had a chance to hear the Sanders 10e's. I found them to be delightfu - musical and extended with correct weight and detail in the bass. The soundstage was wide and deep. I was able to shift comfortably in my listening spot with any degradation of the soundstage. Amazing speakers!