Sanders 10e

Congratulations to Roger Sanders and Sanders Sound Systems on The Absolute Sounds INCREDIBLE REVIEW on the best darn speakers I have EVER heard.  

Roger Sanders - The Genius.  
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Great. I'll put them on my list, along with Lansche and Kharma. Right, we can dream.
Just received my own Sanders 10e speakers 2 weeks ago. Wonderful!!!!

(Dealer disclaimer)
The Sanders speakers are not head in a vice, they are head in a quarter inch scale vice......if you so much as shoo a fly away from your face, you're completely out of the sweet spot and the stage collapses and the sound turns to a shadow of it's former self......

In that spot they sound amazing, but no more amazing that later Magnepans and the like........
I concur. Amazing sound stage, but hard on your neck. :) I really wish Roger had considered a way to improve that
He did.  He invented the curved electrostatic panel, but didn't like the result.

Gayle and Ron took that design and ran with it.
Stewart dont agree about head in a vice! I can sit within a foot either way and they sound wonderful.  You do need to have them set-up in an equal triangle to sound their best but once set they put a smile on my face.