Sander Mag Tech with Weiss 202 dac need help

Just got a Magtech amp, using a Weiss 202 Dac as pre,I have tried different out put setting just don't seem to be getting reasonable volume for the size of the room which is not that big 15ft x 12ft, if I use the highest setting 8.15 sounds stressed, if I go back to 4.15 find I to need turn volume near all the way up around 15 on the dial, to achive around 85db + peak, I had a Pass labs 350.5 before this, it was ok, should I be looking at get a Pre-amp and bias pass the dac, I don't need heaps of inputs only use Apple Mini, please help!
Yeah that is weird. You should ask Roger Sanders, he is really helpful and will answer you promptly. Not good to get a preamp that will fit such a nice system is not a cheap option at all.

So how do you like the Magtech compared to the Pass 350?
Thanks I have emailed Roger will let you know his reply, Mag tech compared to Pass never got to compare side by side, Pass was way to hot and sucked to much juice, for the couple of days I had the Mag tech its good,I have new speakers so that hard to compare, There wouldn't be much in it I am guessing.
Thanks kel