Sandbox for vibration ...........

What's your opinion of a well made sandbox as a vibration control device? It pretty much mimics "The Big Rock" from Bright Star Audio. Do you think maple is better?

In your experience, when you get into the higher end tables (3K+, for example), have you found it better to leave them alone and put them on a quality stand?

I ask this because as platter mats go, they can actually work negatively. How about all these bases?
What the turntable sits on is extremely important and can have profound effects on its sound. I guess the sandbox thing is okay, but folks I know have gotten the best results using materials such as blocks of maple, carbon fiber (BDR Source Shelf), granite slabs, and air-suspension platforms on top of a very substantial platform. The granite slabs and maple blocks are probably the most cost-effective solutions. The carbon fiber is great, but is somewhat costly.

Also, the type of suspension your TT uses, and the construction of the floor in your listening room can be factors in choosing one type of platform over another...
Use one myself with excellent results. Used it on my previous MMF5 as well. I have pictures posted in my Virtual System, if you care to look. Thanks!
Just make sure there are no cats in your listening room ;)
Actually sand box with air baldder and plus a few other ingrediants are what is in order here.

Happy Listening.