San Jose, CA

Is there anyone in the San Jose area who would be interested in forming a new audio club? Let me know. Thanks.
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Please call me and let me know how to join and come to a meeting! 415-205-1053. 

I live in Sunnyvale. Would love to join.

I ran one in the Bay Area called the Bay Area Audio Asylum (BAAA) a while back. We started out chatting on Audio Asylum. A few of us decided to get together, and.....

The group got pretty big. I think at one point, we had roughly 50 members. The gathering was very informal. People brought spouses, food, and music. It became more of a social gathering, and many of us became really good friends. It got to a point that it was hard to host because no one has a place that can handle that many people.

We had a good run for roughly 10 years. Even a Christmas party every year. But everyone started moving out of the area, got married, had kids, and so on.

I've also been a member of BAAS for a long time. But the program there seems to be much more formal and the events all seem to be far away. So something more local and informal would be nice.

I live in Campbell and would love to join a club of enthusiast in high end audio.  If anything comes of this, please do contact me 408410.5909.

Perhaps we could carpool to the CAS in Burlingame later this year.