San Jose CA

Is there anyone in the San Jose area who would be interested in forming a new audio club? I live in Willow Glen. .
Hi Mike, I just did a  search & yr msg popped up. Wow, 4 months - zero response!.  maybe one already exists nearby, but I sure can't find it. I'm in sunnyvale.

Hopefully more will chime in eventually. I'll message you and we can get each other's contact info. I did come across another guy, but he's more of a headphone guy. But he's still interested in listening to other systems.


 I live south in Hollister but I would be down after things get better in the world  Gus

I would be interested to join, I am into headphones, speakers, and car audio in San Jose
I know this post is late but I'm interested cause none of my friends are obsessive enough about good audio gear or sound like I im. lets do it!
Hey guys,

This COVID thing has really put a damper on community building, but when things clear up a little more, I'll reach out again and hopefully get a group together!

I'm late to the game, but live in Campbell.  Yes, when COVID gives a break, I would be interested in learning from those around the South Bay.

I'm in San Jose, CA and am interested in hooking up with like minded audiophiles.

I already belong to 2 audio clubs:

San Francisco Audiophile Society:

Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society:

Awesome! It sounds like we have enough people interested. Is COVID behind us or should we wait a bit longer?